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LinkedIn’s state of sales report informs that only 65% of salespeople put the customer’s needs first. And when the rest don’t, reports from a buyer’s survey say 57% of people tend to agree with the sales when they are not unnecessarily pestered or hassled. Also, 42% of these buyers are encouraged to consider the product if the sales follow-up is punctual.

Even though the training and moral knowledge requires them to sell from a buyer’s perspective.

Many sales representatives struggle to maintain the customer-centric sales process and proceed with persuasion. However, the desperate act of selling a product often turns out to be disastrous for them.

It is essential to keep a margin between sales pitching and desperation. If you are expecting your sales to touch the level of the sky, make sure you establish a good impression on customers even after successfully closing a deal. Salespeople must learn from being a ‘teacher’s pet’ at school to being the customer’s pet at work.

The half-hearted relation with the customers causes customer attrition to increase, leaving behind the unfulfilled attainment of commercial exchange for both sides.

Customers tend to withdraw passively from the sales service when not constantly reached out by the sales team. Salespeople must also keep tabs on customers to improve sales performance.

57% of people tend to agree with the sales when they are not unnecessarily pestered or hassled. 42% of these buyers are encouraged to consider the product if the sales follow-up is punctual. (Source-Invesp)

65% of salespeople put the customer’s needs first, per the Linkedin State of Sales Report.

Only a 5% increase in customer retention can bring you about 25%-95% of profit — according to Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company.

Sales Skills That Help You Convert and Retain Customer Leads

  1. Keep track of customer retention rate
  2. Keep tabs on customers even after closing deals
  3. Keep customers engaged
  4. Don’t over-commit and under deliver
  5. Be prompt & punctual
  6. Prioritize customer requirement

Other Ways To Appeal And Retain Customers

  • Customer perspective awareness training for all sales representatives.
  • Obtaining the causes behind the customer’s change of mind and rectification of approach.
  • Practicing the skill of relationship building with customers.
  • Improve customer retention by right disclosure on benefits they may avail for their loyalty.
  • Spot the customer’s ‘at risk’ before it becomes too late.
  • Acknowledge their importance and communicate better with them.
  • Offer discounts to hold the attention of the customer instantly.
  • Tackle negotiations with customers maintaining neat cancellation.
  • Define your right sales target and focus on them.
  • Resolve complaints actively and ensure good customer service.
  • Flaunt your achievements and progress in the competition.

Other Ways Of Customer Retention

  • Appropriate training & development
  • Evaluation and rectification of the approach
  • Fostering relationships and connections with customers
  • Spot the customer’s ‘at risk.’
  • Offer discounts to hold the attention
  • Define your right sales target and focus on them
  • Prompt resolution of problems and queries
  • Flaunt your achievements and progress

Sum Up

Salespeople to effectively engage and produce leads require appropriate sales skills. Hiring sales representatives can be tiring as everyone in a job interview exhibits their positive qualities. To thoroughly gauge an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, one must adopt the best recruitment filters of the 21st century.

Psychometric assessments help you screen your candidates based on their sales skills, personality, behavior, sales aptitude, and enthusiasm to get the job. Making an informed hiring decision can earn you a responsible sales team. And help you avoid various sales hazards in the long term.

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