Instagram Outage Resolved: App Back Online After Temporary Downtime

Users Experience Brief Disruption as Instagram Addresses Technical Issue

Instagram outage: Instagram recently experienced a temporary outage, causing inconvenience for its users. The popular app faced a brief period of downtime, with users encountering error messages and a non-responsive feed. Simultaneously, the Instagram website displayed a blank page.

According to DownDetector, numerous reports of the technical issue emerged shortly after 6 PM ET, peaking at over 175,000 reports. However, Instagram promptly resolved the problem, restoring normal functionality to the app.


In response to the incident, a spokesperson from Meta, Instagram’s parent company, apologized for any disruption caused. They stated, “Earlier today, a technical issue hindered access to Instagram. We worked swiftly to resolve the matter for all affected users and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.”

Given the timing, the Instagram outage quickly gained attention in Australian news reports. It is worth noting that other services under Meta’s umbrella, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Horizon Worlds, remained unaffected. This incident does not resemble the extensive data center problems that led to prolonged service outages in 2021.

During the outage, Instagram’s help page and its accounts on platforms like Facebook and Twitter did not provide any updates regarding the issue. Please note that, currently, Instagram does not have an official presence on Twitter, contrary to rumors and leaks.

Update May 21st, 7:20 PM ET: Meta spokesperson confirms the Instagram outage.

Update May 21st, 7:42 PM ET: The Instagram outage appears to be resolved.

Update May 21st, 8:59 PM ET: Meta issues a statement regarding the incident.

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